DMJ in GC Magazine and Home Builder Digest

June 17, 2024
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“Extra! Extra! Read all about it!”

The classic cry from paperboys hawking freshly printed newspapers and magazines — words known to many. Though not all newspapers and magazines these days are printed, the DMJ office has heard that cry three times recently, thanks to DMJ being published in three recent articles here in 2023 written by General Contractors Magazine (GC) and Home Builder Digest.

Both magazines exist to help pick the best firms out of the crowd for homeowners looking to build, remodel, or renovate. Both are national, online magazines that identify and feature the best of everything from architects to builders and more. Whether you live on the East coast or the West, or anywhere in between, both of these magazines have your state covered.

And if you happen to live in the great state of Texas, particularly in the San Antonio area, look no further than these three articles for recommendations on the best in your area.

First was Home Builder Digest’s article, “The Best General Contractors in San Antonio, Texas,” where DMJ made the list alongside eight other businesses. According to the article, “The following firms were chosen for the complexity of their work and the years they have spent in the industry. These firms offer numerous services, serving as one-stop shops for home improvement needs.”

The next article followed less than three weeks later, when DMJ was selected from among several hundred builders and firms in the area to be published in General Contractors Magazine’s article “The Best Bathroom Remodeling Companies in San Antonio, Texas.” The article provides information on all ten companies the team at GC selected from the pool. As written in the article, each one of the companies “were chosen based on their service, portfolio, and professionalism. Many of these firms are affiliated with industry-leading organizations and have received prestigious awards in the past. They are composed of talented professionals, dedicated to completing projects with outstanding quality.”

Most recently, less than a month after the second article’s publication, DMJ was selected from among many other local companies yet again to be featured in GC’s article “The Best Design-Build Firms in San Antonio, Texas.” Here, DMJ sits alongside a mere five other companies. If you are in the area and looking to custom build a home, look no further than this article. The team at GC carefully weighs many factors when making their decisions on which companies to feature in their articles — after all, “the best” is a weighty term. They say on their “about us” page that their evaluation process and methodology take many different things into consideration, across a range of criteria — differently weighted based on the project types. “Some common and important criteria include history of work, customer satisfaction, awards and recognition, background of the principals, quality of work, clientele, and online presence.” According to the article, “These firms are known for their fresh takes on traditional construction processes, providing clients with innovative solutions to their home ideas. Experienced leaders guide each firm in bringing quality services and memorable project experiences.”

It’s not every day that a company winds up in three articles about “the best” of one area or another, especially not in such quick succession. Even if you do not end up building or remodeling your home with DMJ, if you’re looking for a source for “the best,” check out the articles, and read all about it.

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