6 Tips for Finding the Right Home Remodeling Firm for Your Next Remodel

June 17, 2024
7 min read
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Home remodeling is an exciting endeavor to embark on as a homeowner. Many families love where they live but need their home to be a little more functional, or want to add to it. With remodels, additions, and extensions, imagining new and creative ways for a space to be used is limitless but can be a little intimidating. 

What is a home remodeling firm?

A home remodeling firm is a company that coordinates and executes the construction of a larger home remodel. A good home remodeling firm will prioritize communication, organization, and transparency. It’s important to find a good firm to work with, but that can be a daunting task if you don’t know how to find and identify one. In this blog post, we’ll talk about six tips to help you find the right firm for your next home remodel. 

  1. Tip 1: Define Your Project’s Scope
    Let’s start with scope. The scope of a project details what you, as the homeowner, will want done and what the architect/designer needs to create in the architectural plan set. It is the home remodeling firm’s job to write up the scope in collaboration with the customer. This will require a site visit of the property to better understand square footage and talk about any potential issues that need to be addressed with the existing home. If the customer knows at least the rough details of what they want changed and accomplished beforehand, it will make things a lot easier for all involved. So when you’re laying out your scope, work to sort it by your “Must Haves” and your “Nice to Haves.” This way it’s less of a headache for you to cut things out if you have to. Make sure to be very clear with what you want to have accomplished. The remodeling firm will work with your initial scope and develop a robust final. A great way to help define your ideas is to create a Pinterest board full of visual inspiration.
  2. Tip 2: Define Your Budget as Best as Possible
    When budgeting, do your best at researching project estimates to get a ballpark idea of what your remodel would cost. Research the industry cost trends — the current price of lumber, lighting, etc. Make sure to keep an eye on the highs and the lows in the market when you’re beginning to create your scope and your budget. In your interviews with the potential home remodeling firms, ask them how they will help you determine what a project will cost. Are they a fixed-price or cost-plus builder? A fixed-price builder means that a project cost is set in stone once you sign the contract to build. The only time your price will change is if a change order occurs. The cost plus builder means that the final price of your project isn’t determined until it is complete. So this is more of “pay as you go” building and can really challenge your budget if you’re not careful.
  3. Tip 3: Ask Friends and Family for Recommendations
    Personal recommendations are the best. If any of your family members or friends have had their home remodeled recently (or at all), definitely take advantage of that! Ask them about who helped them with their remodel. Their opinions will help you narrow down what companies you’re looking at as well as the ones to avoid. Be sure to ask about their experience before, during, and after construction.
  4. Tip 4: Research Companies on Both Personal and Popular Websites
    When you research companies, whether that be on sites like Houzz or the companies’ websites, make sure to look at their projects as well as their reviews. These websites should allow you to see real photos of the work they’ve completed and allow you to judge for yourself whether or not that company will deliver what you’re looking for in design and architecture. Also, be sure to check out the companies’ social media activity. This allows you to see what the company is like in the community, as well as new content and photos over time.
  5. Tip 5: Interview 2-3 Remodeling Companies
    To avoid stress if an interview doesn’t go well, don’t stop at just one firm to talk to, but pick at least two, preferably three firms that you would like to interview. This gives you options to choose from. Some things to think about, look for, or ask about when you are interviewing the potential firms vary depending on your project, but how much experience they have, both in general and for the type of project you want to undertake is a big one. Their creativity, attention to detail, and personality are also big things to keep in mind. Finally, their communication, organization, and transparency are key things to consider. Because if these aren’t good during the interview stage, they’re likely to add stress during the building stage.
  6. Tip 6: Ask the Remodeling Firms for Client References
    Don’t be afraid to ask the company if they have any clients who are willing to talk about their experience! If they do, ask the companies if they’ll establish the contact for you. Be sure to prepare a list of questions to ask during your call. Client references are very helpful and candid about their experience.

Finally, just come into the process with an open mind!

Be open to the different companies you’ll end up talking to, and remember to take your time, plan well, and make the decision for what is best for your home goals, budget, and family. You can find DMJ’s process by visiting the “Our Process” page to learn more about how we would take your dream home and make it a reality. Feel free to reach out for any questions.

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