Sozo Charities | Champion Hope


Sozo Charities exists to support and facilitate the vision of those who desire to make a difference in the lives of at risk children and families around the world. We do this by teaming up with individuals or organizations, providing support through planning and strategic development—networking like minded people toward the fulfillment of their vision. As a servant and umbrella organization we assist in business development, communications, and mobilization of talent and funds.

Justice for Youth Project

JFY exists to bring hope to children and youth around the world victimized by human trafficking, poverty, homelessness and HIV/AIDS or other life threatening diseases. We accomplish our mission through bringing awareness on the issue of human trafficking and by connecting resources and networking partners. Our poster campaign strategy is geared to rescue at risk students before they are ensnared in the modern slave trade.

Seed Fund Project

The concept of people giving to people is as old as time. We at SOZO Charities embrace this concept of loving your neighbor in tangible ways. Through “La Semilla” we seek to make a difference around the world by connecting people with people, providing small business loans, mentorship, and coaching.